Sons Of The Soil 1451

Sons Of The Soil 1451

Welcome to the official website for Sons of the Soil; number 1451 on the role of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

Last update 1 Aug 2018

We warmly welcome all suitablly qualified brethern to attend our meetings held in the Freemasons Hall, Aberdeen on the first and third Wednesdays each month from September-April each year.

All Sons of the Soil visitors new to the Freemasons Hall Aberdeen, will be given full tours of the building either before or after our regular meetings as a token of our appreciation.

We are very fortunate to be able to work our own live candiates for these last few years and have many candiates that will either start their masonic journey with us or complete what they started last term.

This year 2018 we have around 23 candiates waiting to go through the craft although theres a lot of completed forms still to be read out and the next regular meeting will be on the  5th of Sept 2018 we are working a triple 2nd degree but we are also doing at least 5 C.O.E the same night he says hopefully tyle for 7.30 pm but we might run a bit later!

If you have never been to the finest freemason hall in Scotland we would be happy to give you a tour of the building after the evenings labours have been concluded.

For Non-Freemason visitors to this website the brethren of Sons of the Soil would be happy to explain what freemasonary is all about.

If you require more information on freemasonary in general or information on how to become a better man then please email our past master and past Aberdeen city provincial sec; Bryan Neave at

Or Sons of the Soil Almoner (bro. Leask) at

On Wednesday the 5th September, we will be working a triple 2nd degree and at the harmony, its Stovies and oatcakes plus selection of cake slices and other goodies all free;

Tyle 7.30pm.

Sickness report.

Nothing bad to report this month (july/aug).

If there is anymore brothers in a similar state please contact the lodge almoner at

We now have our own facebook page with over 6000 members updated daily please click this link.

For other Masonic meetings held in the North East of Scotland please follow this link here