Scottish Freemasons History

Scottish Freemasons History and that of our own lodge of Sons of the Soil no 1451.


The Lodge was granted its charter on 4 th may 1950 with the name “Sons of the Soil“. As far as can be found out the name came from the farming region of Oldmachar Bridge of Don, Aberdeenshire and was the providence of Aberdeenshire East as most of its members were farmers.

There were 46 founder members recorded by the Grand Lodge of Scotland of which two prominment names are “Lord Belhaven of Stenton” and “Sir Charles Malcolm Barclay-Harvey”.

At the consecration on the 11th October 1950, 126 Brethren signed the tyle from Lodges throughout the area. The first Master was Bro John Newton Whitehead.

The Lodge met at the Corner House Bridge of Don, in an outside building, remaining there until Monday 2nd of December. There are no records until the Lodges next meeting on Wednesday 5th March 1958, which was held in the Masonic Temple, Crown Street, Aberdeen, in the Province of Aberdeen City. Where the Lodge continues to meet to this day.

In the year 2000 the Lodge celebrated its 50th Anniversary and was re-dedicated by the RWPGM of Aberdeen City Province, Bro Alex Smith. The RWM of Lodge Sons of the Soil was Bro Bryan Neave. This meeting was held in the upstairs hall at the Masonic Temple, Crown Street, Aberdeen.

1950- Bro J Whitehead
1951- Bro A Ingram
1952- Bro C Smith
1953- Bro J Reid
1954-55 Bro D Holdsworth
1956-57 Bro A S Malcolm
1958-58 Bro J Love
1960-62 Bro J Allan
1963-64 Bro L J D Cowie
1965-66 Bro P Harris
1967-68 Bro S Wallace
1969-70 Bro J Watt
1971-73 Bro N Weir
1974-76 Bro T Blythman
1977-79 Bro J McFarquhar
1979 — Bro R Barclay
1979-81 Bro C O Rettie
1981-82 Bro K Williamson
1982-84 Bro A F Scott
1984-85 Bro D C Brown
1986-88 Bro W Stewart
1988-90 Bro J Kean
1990-92 Bro A Ogg
1992-94 Bro D McDonald
1994-96 Bro S M Hutch
1996-98 Bro A Clark
1998-99 Bro G Morrison
1999-01 Bro B Neave
2001-05 Bro D Cooper
2005-07 Bro S Carrol
2007-09 Bro I Cormack
2009-2011 Bro D Mathew
2011-2012 Bro K Graham
2012-2015 Bro I Cormack
2015- Bro I Ross
Scottish Freemason History
Sons of the Soil 1451
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